Dr. Emily Johnson

A native of Houghton and graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University, Dr. Johnson is generally found outside when she’s not seeing patients at Russell Chiropractic. Her active lifestyle includes swimming, softball, wake surfing, hiking and snow shoeing. She is scheduled to take the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician board exam in November.

From a pure musculoskeletal viewpoint, the Modus approach has many benefits. Primarily, it is an excellent workout for people who want to tone and get in shape without adding bulk.

Modus’ high repetitions of small movements help to isolate stabilizing muscles throughout the body. These movements improve and maintain proper posture, something that is essential for spinal health and overall wellbeing.

The other thing I love about Modus is the precise, continuous feedback from the instructors. They make sure that everyone is exercising with proper form in order to avoid injury and maximize fitness results. The workout is fun, high energy and it WORKS!