Kristin is a busy working mom of three children … all under the age of three. Her twice-weekly Modus45 workouts is where Kristin’s “me time” happens, and the energy she gets from that time has given her the balance in life she needs.

Why did you start coming to Modus45?
The main reason I started coming to Modus45 was for mental health. I work 30 hours a week in an intense environment and have three busy little boys under three. It was my goal to allow myself two hours a week for “my time.” I read online how the Modus method was created by a busy, working mom and I felt I could really identify with that.

What keeps you coming back?
What keeps me coming back is the way I feel at the end of a class. I feel strong, empowered and motivated to conquer the day. I love the music we workout to. I’ve done aerobics, kickboxing, spinning etc. I’ve never felt as energized as I do at the end of this barre class. It’s hard to explain but it’s addictive.

Where do you notice the results in your body?
I notice the results in my body in my thighs the most. I really feel that it is a full body workout. I feel toned. I can see change.

Any tips for newcomers?
My tips for newcomers is “just do it.” Don’t be intimidated. The instructors are so welcoming. You will meet great people and feel so good about yourself. You deserve this time for yourself.

What’s your favorite move?
My favorite moves are anything to do with our seats and thighs. Love when we shake.

What do you appreciate about the instructors?
They all push you to do your best. They are very focused on making sure we have the right form to get the best results. I love the way they come around to critique us and sometimes change our position just slightly and you immediately feel a difference in your muscle. The vibe of the class is invigorating! There is an energy in the room.

It’s empowering. I’m so grateful to have found Modus45.