Molly Piche Russell

Molly Russell, one of Modus’ instructors, grew up in Traverse City and holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology from Michigan State University. In her career, she worked for University of Michigan’s MedSport, managing fitness facilities in Ford and GM facilities. She also worked at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital with spinal cord and brain injury clients.  

Clinically, the Modus approach is very safe; the risk of injury is very low. The entire body is strengthened in a very functional sense, from the deep core line along the spine to the superficial abdominal muscles.

Because each workout is specifically designed with a wide range of abilities in mind, every Modus client can expect strength and flexibility benefits. I also like the fact that body and posture awareness develop over time, diminishing that “hunched over” look.

The clients I have trained at Modus that show the most significant improvement come to the studio three times a week. The beauty of the workout is that in an hour, you have engaged each and every body part, including the heart. With the welcoming and fun community Modus has, you’ve also engaged your soul.