MO-DUS: origin Latin, a way of operating. We created a capsule workout to become your personal operation to maintain wellness, strength and beauty at any age.

Wellness. Strength. Grace.

Who’s got time for that?

You do.

In less than 60 minutes, a Modus45 workout packs a serious punch. Micromovements using your own body

weight build power and poise from the inside out.

Our clients rave about the Modus workout. It’s fun, safe, and low-impact.

It’s also incredibly efficient: Hundreds of tiny, powerful movements zero in and sculpt you. We systematically move through each muscle group, changing moves every minute or two.

Sound simple? It is.

Is it easy? Not really.

In 60 minutes, your Modus workout will laser in and burn muscles you didn’t know you had, bringing them to peak fatigue. Short bursts of cardio torch fat. The entire body is targeted from head to toe, improving your balance, strength, and posture.

Wellness. Strength. Grace.

It’s time.