Squeeze Those Balls


That’s right, you heard me. Ball squeezers unite, because you have a distinct advantage over those who abstain.

Isometric exercises, such as squeezing a ball between your thighs, act as a rocket boost to pure muscle strength. In fact, it does more for you than squats and using weights at the gym.

Why? Studies show that simply keeping the ball in place expands your basic range of motion, improving body positioning so you don’t let other, bigger muscles take over. It also increases mental concentration and adds an intensity-boosting element to exercises like a simple squat at the barre.

Since the muscles of the inner thigh attach at the pelvis, ball squeezers naturally engage the core, building ab strength while isolating specific muscle groups not easily accessed during normal activity.

In fact, a 2013 Journal of Sport Rehabilitation study showed that the ball squeeze produced more inner thigh activity than rotational squats, sumo squats, standing adduction on a Swiss ball, and side lunges.

So just when you think you’ve had enough, close your eyes and squeeze harder. Our balls were made for it.

– Megan