The Transverse Abdomi-what?

If there was one muscle that needs everyone’s attention, it’s the reclusive transverse abdominus (TA).

Shy, difficult to draw out, the TA is a killer when it’s weak…as in, it kills your posture, your back will kill you, and putting on a bikini is just plain murder.

First, you need to understand where the TA is to know its importance to your core:

1. Lay on your back, spine in a neutral (disengaged) position.
2. Place your palms flat on your belly, just under your ribs, fingers pointing to the navel.
3. Cough. The contracting muscle you feel is the TA.

Engaging the TA successfully means pulling your navel to the spine. Imagine the TA as a corset that can be activated at will. Focused activation during a workout is one thing, but activating it randomly during the day (grocery store line, stop lights) will also build strength.

It’s the kind of strength that will ultimately protect your spine, improve your posture, and yes, tone that beautiful, God-given bikini body of yours.

The TA. Feel it now. Invoke it often. No other muscle will support you in life like this shy little guy.