Barre Flies


You know the type: ballerina legs, perfect posture, walking tall in her $98 black booty huggers.

That’s a gal who hits the barre. Often.

Frequency matters in all things, good and bad, and I think we can all agree that breaking a sweat once a day is a good thing. Indeed, the amount you work out is a scientifically proven positive correlate to your sleep patterns, your mood, and even your sex life.

But who seriously has the time? Work and family will suck the motivation out of even the most committed among us. I know. I’m there right now.

Modus45 was developed to help you squeeze the most possible benefit out of less than an hour of time. Each micromovement targets specific muscle groups that suck your middle in like a corset, elongate your limb muscles, and yes … perfect your posture.

So what if your legs feel beefy right now instead of string bean-y. Commit to three or more workouts a week and things will start to happen.

Soon enough, that gal walking with her head held high will be you.