A Pretzel to Binge On

Right now, you’re probably wishing I meant food. Nope. The pretzel I’m talking about will twist your buns into a knot of their own … but in a good way.

The Modus45 “floor attitude” move puts the body in a pretzel shape and targets the gluteals (maximus and medius) like a laser. A saggy butt doesn’t stand a chance against these tiny, powerful lifts.

Why the glutes? The gluteus maximus, medius and minimus aren’t just trunk junk. These muscles work hard to align your body properly. Strong glutes protect you from injury, improve athletic performance and stabilize your pelvis, torso, and legs.

Indeed, weak glutes and poor body alignment are known to contribute to Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and runner’s knee. Weak glutes also mean ancillary muscles – like the hamstrings, low back, quadriceps and calves – may become disproportionately strong, causing injury down the road.

So when your instructor calls out “floor attitude,” blissfully arrange your body in a pretzel shape and go for it. The resulting toning and strength means you have nothing to lose … except maybe that slump in your rump.