The Golden Shakes

It’s an alarming, almost humiliating feeling, but shaking uncontrollably during your Modus session is where the magic happens.

The shakes are the gold standard of maximum effort. By accessing the deep-set stabilizer muscles in the legs and arms, shaking creates the perfect storm for toning and strengthening. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are activated, eventually creating that “cut” look showcased in a dancer’s body.

Shaking means you are working your muscle to fatigue, and science shows that this is the path to a longer, leaner look. The trembling you feel is your muscles locking and releasing as they lengthen and contract, an action that eventually diminishes as you become stronger.

So when the shakes come, let those feelings of alarm and embarrassment go. Be proud of those tiny, twitchy muscles, because they are the key to a sleeker, more defined you.