Strength in Numbers

If you are one of the many who signed up for the 90-day challenge, congratulations! You’ve just made it to week three and are in the running for that $500 gift certificate.

Many of you have commented on how much stronger you feel and that even though the  workouts aren’t necessarily getting easier, you’re finding new depth on the floor and at the barre.

I’m not surprised.

Part of the reason behind the challenge is to show people how well Modus works. You will lose inches. You will get stronger. You will feel better and you will walk taller.

The micromovements that you are repeating three times a week will slowly begin to suck in your waist like a corset, lengthen your thighs and hamstrings, tone your deep core muscles, and define your arms.

But that’s just superficial stuff. Every time you come, your hamstrings, core, and glutes lock your pelvis and spine back where they should be. Making these areas stronger keeps you aligned and ultimately pain-free.

Your commitment to 90 days of Modus isn’t just a string of workouts you’re doing for some’s a gift you’re giving your future, stronger self.

So will the challenge be easy? Not really.

Will it be fun? Sometimes.

Will you emerge from it stronger, leaner, and more flexible?

That, my friends, is something I’m putting my money on.