Stronger Together

Katie and Ryan Stults seamlessly juggle kids, one car, and an active lifestyle. While only Katie finished the Modus 90-day challenge, Ryan’s twice-weekly commitment allowed the two to work out together … and commiserate about sore bodies.

How did the 90-day challenge go?
Katie: The biggest challenge for me was the logistics of it all. Between getting the kids to school, us having only one car, the holidays, and life just getting in the way it can be hard to commit to three times a week. 
The easiest part was the motivation to get there. I liked the results I was seeing in my body, the constant challenge of the class, and the group of people I got to know
Ryan: The worst part is feeling like I’m the worst student in class from a flexibility standpoint. But the instructors did a great job making me feel good about where I was.

What were your goals when you began the 90-day challenge?
K: Before the challenge, I was attending Modus twice week. I saw some nice changes in my body. With the 90-day challenge, I really wanted to see if it could help slim my hip, tone arms, and just feel stronger.
R: I was hoping to increase flexibility, to help stabilize a weak lower back, become a stronger runner, and to justify eating whatever I’d like. We also wanted to show our kids that working out is an important part of our daily routine.

Have they been met? How?
K: I’ve definitely seen changes in my body. My jeans are a bit looser and I can see more definition in my arms. In class, I am able to sink lower and I don’t find myself stepping out of position as frequently.
R: Yes, I can tell a difference when I’m running, specifically longer runs with elevation changes. I also enjoy eating doughnuts and ice cream regularly, and don’t feel so guilty about it.

Have you always worked out together? If so, what other kinds of things do you do?
K: We paddleboard and snowshoe together; three years ago we trained for a 10k. I really prefer Modus classes while Ryan likes running.
We do both work out individually, but we do encourage each other and like to hold each other accountable in staying healthy and fit. The Modus challenge was nice because we were able to help each other work towards our fitness goals.

What’s it like working out together at Modus?
It’s nice to have something fun and challenging to complete together.  Also, we like to commiserate together about hard classes and ass kickings!

What’s next for you in a wellness sense?
K: I plan on keeping up with Modus twice a week, sprinkling in other classes, as well as keeping active with our girls.  
R: I’m doing another half marathon this spring and I’m hoping to improve my time. I’m also hoping to do the night snowshoe dune climb at Sleeping Bear.