90-Day Challenge Sneak Peak

35 lbs. and Counting: Joyce Harrington Bahle’s Modus Wellness Journey

Many of you know Joyce, who graces the studio with her wit and warmth at least three times a week.

Joyce – a 90-day challenger – it's one of my favorite success stories. Her commitment to self-care has opened up new possibilities for her – pickleball, anyone? – as well as a complete turnaround in blood pressure, cholesterol, and self-confidence.

You are an inspiration to us all, Joyce! (Stay tuned for more 90-day success stories and results, coming soon!)

Why Modus?
I was fortunate to begin my wellness journey through a 15-day clean eating detox with Kim Murray (http://murraywellness.com) in February 2014 with my friend Emmy. After the detox, Kim asked us to meet her at something called Modus45 in Traverse City.

I now drive from Suttons Bay three-plus days a week because Modus is for me.

What works for you?
I have never found a formula like Megan's truly brilliant whole body concept: 60 minutes with positive, professional instructors who encourage and adjust your positioning or movement pattern as needed. It is an unfolding: warm ups, small movements focused on strengthening and toning all body parts, stretching, cardio punches, until you are all aglow … and then the quiet final stretch routine.

Everyone is sociable but when the class starts on the minute it is supposed to; it is pure focus. Modus is about pace and finding one's own place in each routine, which allows beginners to seasoned learners a path to a dynamic workout each time.

How are you inspired to keep going to class?
Regular attendance was a personal commitment at first, but the Modus Way is transformative. (As is the Murray Way too!)  Now the most powerful incentive is how I feel – mentally, physically, spiritually stronger…and younger.

I had my yearly physical a month ago and my new numbers were amazing: Zen-like blood pressure, significant decline in borderline cholesterol issues, across the board improvement in my blood work …

And my favorite of all time was the graph my doctor handed me showing the long slope of my 35-pound weight loss over a healthy time period. The make-believe jewel-toned confetti fell on us!

My initial steps into my sixth decade are good ones. There is no end to the continuum of positive changes in my whole body health.  

What have you noticed about your body that's changed?
It wasn't initially about the scale but when my clothes began draping I realized I had lost significant weight and inches. I recycled all my clothes to Goodwill in August and have invested in sizes I have never seen in my life.  

Before being measured for the Modus 90-day challenge, I retrieved my measurements from late last year. After Molly measured me, I handed her the hospital’s print out and said I don't know what I've lost in total inches, but this will give you an idea of my starting point.

Before the challenge began, I had lost 8" in my waist; I am not sure what they will be now. For me it is not about the numbers; I have more work and will always be refining.

How did the 90-day challenge help you?
My mantras have become to eat clean, exercise smart and often, take time for self-care, and embrace change daily. The 90-day challenge was perfect timing for me. I was anchored at Modus but this added excitement allowed me to put down deeper roots.  
Megan is amazing; she knows when you give people a challenge, everyone is nourished by the collective energy.

What's next for you?
My next goal is to do a sustained 40-plus minutes of cardio most days of the week; I have begun that at home on my treadmill and bike. I hope to play indoor pickleball at the Y (thanks to Molly who gave me the incentive.) Shouldn't we have a Modus 45 team?  

What keeps you accountable?
Modus. You gather confidence from others. I am beginning to find myself under whatever layers I was hiding under physically. These formulas works for me. They are sustainable.

And my buddy Emmy – we began this together. We carpool often and our mutual encouragements keep us honest and yes, the laughter is always a good way to get through it all.

Who is your inspiration?
Lately I find myself contemplating deeper thoughts, which is quite unlike me – have I begun to inspire myself? Can we be humble while saying that? I hope so.   

I am certainly inspired by my children, family, dear friends and the many mentors I have already mentioned.

I recently found a card that spoke to me in a new way: "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

―Oscar Wilde