High Heels

One of the hallmarks of a Modus45 session is the raising of the heels at the barre. Such a simple move … but keeping those heels high requires complex mind/body synchronicity.


Raising the heels – or relevé (rell-uh-vay) – is the most powerful move you can make to strengthen your calves. Your calves provide stability for your knee and ankle joints as well as power when you walk, run, or jump.

Other benefits of the relevé, which we often pair with a squat series, are:
• Improved balance
• Strengthened ankles
• Sculpted calves and upper thighs
• Engaged and strengthened quads, hamstrings, glutes, and spinal erectors

Anxious to get the most benefit out of your relevé? Try this:
• Rest your thumb on top of the barre instead of curling it underneath (this prevents you from gripping it too tightly.)
• Hold on with both hands, stack your spine, and tuck your seat.
• Rise into relevé, lifting the heels as much as possible, without allowing the heels to roll to either side.

Relevés are one of the reasons classical dancers have such amazing calf muscles. So when you hit the barre, don’t be afraid of heights. Rise … and release your inner ballerina.