The In-and-Out Urge

The barre series at Modus triggers some pretty strong reactions … not always nice, but strong nonetheless.

Primarily, I get looks like, “DearLordgetmeouttahereNOW,” or “I’mgonnapukeanddie.”

Some students stick it out until the bitter end, which is great, because I know how hard it can be. Others don’t …when maybe they should.

I’ve written about the burn before, but I also think it’s important for you to know why you should fight the urge to pull out of a hot move.

It’s called lactate threshold (LT) and it’s your new best friend.

As you know, the “burn” you feel is the result of carbs breaking down into lactic acid, which seeps out of the muscle cells into the blood. Hydrogen ions are released and voila! lactate (and the burn) is produced.

Every time you push through this burn, you are raising your LT, the most important factor in increasing endurance and caloric expenditure.

Exercise physiologists at the University of New Mexico report the following:

“LT is the most important determinant of success in endurance-related activities and events, and the main goal of endurance training programs should be the improvement of this parameter. By performing LT training, your clients are directly increasing their caloric expenditure during this type of exercise program. Educate them that this type of training is also highly recommended to enhance weight loss and weight management.”

I promise, I am not a mean person. I don’t want you to run away from the studio or barf or anything crazy like that.

But I do want you to push through the burn if you can. You may hate me for it now, but I promise, you will love me for it later.