Here’s Lookin’ at You

First, let me get one thing straight: There are such things as skinny mirrors. We have two at Modus45 … the rest are rumored to be not.

But here’s the deal. Even if you love looking at yourself the entire hour, don’t let the view distract you. Let it motivate you.

Watching your own form is the single best way to ensure proper alignment. Proper alignment prevents injury and tones muscle faster than just about anything else.

The most common alignment errors occur when you’re:
• Bent over working with arm weights.
• In plank.

In plank, watch for a butt that’s higher than your back. There should be a slight rise from feet, to butt, to back. The head should not be dropped; it is an extension of your spine. Gaze should be just past your hands.

The arm series utilizes a core-strengthening bend at the waist, but form is key:
• Squat slightly, knees forward.
• Bend over at waist, 45-degree angle. (Do not bend more than 45 degrees; it strains the lower lumbar.)
• Gaze forward.

Both alignment errors put unnecessary load on vulnerable body parts, and really, who needs more of that? So please: Keep checking yourself out. Using our mirrors, skinny or otherwise, does a body good.