The Loving Stalker


You might think you’re in your own little world at the barre, on the mat, or cardio punching, but you should know: Somebody’s watching you.

Freaky? Maybe. But the most important set of eyes in a classroom setting is your instructor’s, and here’s why.

Poor alignment in any posture whether it be standing, sitting, or squatting sets you up for bad technique, which translates into possible injury. Nobody wants that … least of all us.

An in-class adjustment (or correction) is one of the benefits of coming to Modus. We intentionally created an intimate setting with small class sizes so that every student receives personal attention.

Proper alignment, cues to “go deeper,” and gentle touch are all given with one goal in mind: to make your workout the most valuable 60 minutes of your day.

We understand this because even as teachers, we take classes from –and correct – each other. I’ve noticed many times that moving a leg an inch can bring a brand new set of challenges, which leads to improved strength.

Good form equals long-term health benefits and brings with it the best possible results. So know that when your instructor gently corrects you verbally or with touch, it’s a gesture of pure love.