Spring Training

Bright skies and pavement you can actually see brings out the runner in all of us. So what if you’re just running to the car with your Target bags … it still feels great to get outside this time of year.

Whether you’re training for a big Bayshore run, or just want to get out and Prancercise, know that consistent Modus45 workouts will serve you well.

Here’s why Modus runners feel better, run longer, and recover faster:
• Core muscle strength keeps the body aligned, allowing knees and hips to do their jobs.
• Stretching hams, the IT band, and hip flexors regularly stops tight muscles from pulling
joints and bones out of alignment.
• Increased foot strength from releve (on the toes) stance supports the delicate foot structure.
• Improved balance from barre work enables runners to recover safely from accidental trips.
• Low-impact Modus workouts mean a well-deserved break for high-impact runner’s bodies.
• By pushing up your lactic threshold (through the shakes), you increase your stamina for
longer workouts that use big muscle groups.

At Modus45, we want you to go out and play, especially during these rare days of sun and
(relative) warmth. So run, Forest, run! but be sure and circle back to the barre. We’ll be
there, waiting for you.