Seat Zingers: Your Friend and Mine

Exhausted and alone one morning, I lay on the floor of my newly adopted daughter’s nursery.
    Just thinking about working out drained me, but there on my back, I thought some baby
bridges would at least get something going.
    After a few of those, I was surprised: I wanted to go a little deeper. It started to feel good, even energizing, as I lifted my seat higher.
    I began to feel heat building and realized I didn’t have to do big important moves to
get what I needed.
    There, on that floor, Modus45 was born.
    So now you know: Seat zingers were my early attempt as a single mom to squeeze in a workout that worked for my new family.
    They remain a building block to the Modus sequence … and not for sentimental reasons, either.
    Seat zingers are an incredible tool for your entire back body and core, running from your heels up through the entire torso.
    Why do we do so many of them at Modus? Because seat zingers target areas that are fundamentally weak in most people: the hamstrings, glutes, and deep core line along your spine.
    Benefits of seat zingers include:
    • Stronger glutes that pull your pelvis into alignment, reducing belly pooch.
    • Stronger hamstrings and deep back core line, which improves posture and alleviates back, shoulder, and knee pain.
• Engaged abs and obliques, which are used as secondary (stabilizing) muscles.
• Warmed and stretched hip flexors and quads.
So the next time you lie on the floor preparing for the seat zinger series, remember that I was there too not so long ago, feeling totally unmotivated and weak from exhaustion. Moving just a little bit that day sparked new possibilities in my life. I hope it does the same for you.