Crunch Time is Over

In their heyday, ab crunches were the ‘80s go-to for getting your body bikini-ready. But did you know science now shows crunches are partly responsible for back pain, hip strain, and –  worst of all – poochy bellies?

The ab series at Modus45 was created to support the back and hips while working the deep core muscles (transverse abdominus, multifidus, and obliques.) These are the muscles used to support your spine and when they’re strong, suck you in like a corset.

By using a ball behind the back, the spine goes naturally into extension, one of the key components of deep core engagement. The reason this is important is because all day long, our spine is in flexion: sitting in the car, working at a desk, and watching TV.

Lying down on your back and crunching is simply creating more flexion, building surface ab muscles that are short and tight, pulling your pelvis out of alignment and putting strain on your lower back. Alas: a perfect storm for poor posture and a poochy belly.

Next time you’re tempted to get all crunchy, remember that even though the 80s were great for a lot of things (Tickle deodorant, Loverboy, and Swatches) it was not a great time for abs. You got rid of those acid washed jeans … now it’s time to lose the crunch.




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