Botox for Your Legs

Gravity works its magic on all of us, and for some it’s kind of a shock to see where.

Your knees, for instance. Never gave mine a thought until my mid-40s, when I encountered knee wrinkles for the first time.

Now, this is no anti-aging rant – aren’t we all over that? Rather, it’s to point out there are ways to get those knees (and the skin that covers them) back to where they belong.

The supine ab series is one way to combat this tendency. By reclining on our elbows and pointing the toes of one leg to the sky, a powerful muscle synthesis begins.

Abs, hip flexors, and quads work together to pull the straightened leg closer to your body. Hamstrings are lengthened to accommodate this action, and the deep core line is activated to maintain stability.

One of the most noticeable results? Firm, feminine legs appear as the quadriceps elongate and change shape.

Those sculpted quads come at a price, however. You will notice uncontrollable shaking as you move through this relatively short series. As I’ve written before, this is where the money is, because shaking means you are building stamina and endurance.

And as things slowly begin to move back up, you may notice other things moving higher. Your hemline, perhaps. Your confidence? Most certainly.

And that’s something no needle can come close to delivering.