Loosen Up

Some of the hardest workouts I’ve seen at Modus45 have nothing to do with abs, buns, or thighs.

Furrowed brows. Shoulders at ears. Clenched jaws.

It appears some very minor muscle groups are getting a major whuppin’.

People, please: It’s time to loosen up. Clenching, gripping, and scrunching are not getting you any fitter.

There’s a psychological element to pushing through anything difficult, whether it be 10 final reps or two screaming children.

When mammals are stressed, they tighten up, hyperventilate, and grip harder.

But as evolved mammals, we know that life’s most difficult moments are exactly when we most need to relax, breathe deeply, and let go where we can.

Modus45 is the perfect place to practice this skill, because it’s a place that freely offers painful moments.

When the instructor says, “Okay, second to last thing,” that’s your cue to mentally scan your body for frowning, jaw clenching, and shallow breathing.

Try it once. Then try it again. Soon it becomes a habit that you can take out into your day

Online tax return difficulties? Raised shoulders won’t get you there any quicker. Partner driving you insane? Deep breathe that crazy right back at them.

I promise those abs, buns and thighs won’t get any prettier with your jaw clenched and brow wrinkled, but you will … if you just learn to let go.