Yep … Pushups Suck

(Suck you in, that is)

I’m pretty sure that if I told you up front you’d be doing 50 pushups during your Modus workout, there would be a little eye rolling and a lot of groans.

It’s the exercise we all love to hate, for sure.

So why pushups? And why 50?

It’s pretty simple logic: Pushups work … and 50 of them three or more times a week work wonders.

Beyond the obvious benefits (arm and chest strength), pushups increase metabolism, are a great cardio/weights hybrid, and strengthen the front and back core.

Other benefits of this miraculous exercise, which is just as effective against the wall or with knees on the ground, include:
• The strengthening of hands, fingers, forearms, biceps, triceps, abdominals, back, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, feet, and many other smaller muscles.
• Injury prevention for walkers and runners by targeting stabilizers around hips, knees, and back.
• Strong, lean muscles throughout the entire body.
• Improved bone density – pushups are a resistance exercise.
• A solid cardio workout, which increases your metabolism, thus torching calories.

So yes, I know, pushups suck, but so do sore knees, mom jeans, and jiggly arms. Combat all of these with nature’s perfect exercise and I promise, over time you’ll be cheering instead of sneering when  it’s time to hit the deck.   –Megan