Back in the Saddle

Welcome back to reality, my friends.

Your week off – if you were one of the lucky ones – hopefully meant plenty of sun, fun, and relaxation.

Time to get back to work … and working out.

If you’re in a sloth rut, sometimes the hardest thing about getting active again is just showing up.

I’ve given a lot of thought to what motivates people to set and meet goals, and studies show the single most powerful motivator is one of the most basic: writing your goal down on paper.

Here are some other tips for getting yourself back in the saddle:
•   Write down goals that are specific: “Modus45 at 8am on Mondays” is; “lose weight” is not.
•   Write down 10 reasons why you want to exercise and post the list on your refrigerator.
•   Build in rewards for yourself: Each time you come to Modus, put $5 in a jar at home. Use the cash for a pedi, massage, or new shoes.
•   Break through the one-week barrier. By doing so, you’ve passed the point where half of the dropouts occur.
Whether you’re making new habits or breaking bad ones, know that you are not alone in the endless battle to be fit and well. Just remember: your most important weapon could simply be a pencil and piece of paper. 

- Megan