The Gift That Keeps on Giving

It’s possibly the last thing any of us want to do: Cardio punches after a bum-burning session at the barre.

Trust me, cardio punches are my gift to you.

Running and/or jumping in place for little 45-second intervals not only improves heart and lung condition, but also follows scientific evidence*
• Removes lactic acid
• Enhances hormonal release
• Maintains your muscle’s ideal temperature
• Improves your neuromuscular capability

By exercising aerobically for 30-60 seconds in between floor or barre work, you can complete more reps, produce greater force, and experience far less lactic acid accumulation
than if you don’t.

Here’s why:
Lactic Acid
That “burning” sensation you may feel is too much lactic acid in your muscles, which
decreases force production capability. Aerobic exercise – and the oxygen it sends to the
muscles – turns the lactic acid into fuel.

Hormonal Release
When you do floor or barre work, you get a release of growth-related hormones that
help your muscles to grow or get stronger. Brief and hard aerobic exercise has been shown
to cause a very similar amplification of growth hormones. Bottom line: It’s a two fer one!
You get stronger, faster.

Muscle Temperature
When you keep a muscle warm, you slightly decrease the muscle stiffness, allowing it to optimize its contraction and responsiveness to your next exercise sequence.

Nerve Speed
Sitting around in between barre/floor work cools muscle down, but also allows nerves to do the same. Keeping the muscles warm with spurts of cardio means that your nervous system will continue to operate at peak speed for the rest of your workout.

So next time a cardio punch is called out, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Grip that weighted ball, inhale, and then give it all you’ve got.