5 Changes to Make Now


The quest for life balance could almost make you crazy: Eat whole foods! Spend quality time with your family! Break a daily sweat!

Throw in a job, volunteer commitments, and the daily bombs that drop and suddenly your keel is half out of water.

I think the problem isn’t necessarily time – or its lack. I think the problem is really in our heads.
Stay with me here.

It’s important to remember that as we spin through our days feeling overwhelmed, we might want to pause and remember we’re really not. It’s our choice to feel this way.

By choosing mindful presence over scattered half-assedness, we emerge from the fog to a clear mind.  

Each day gives us ample opportunity to practice mindful living; here’s how you can start yours:
    •    Accept the way you currently feel.
    •    Breathe deeply, holding at the top, and exhale slowly through the nose.
    •    Notice and acknowledge what’s robbing you of your peace.
    •    Practice gratitude toward whatever is a roadblock or stressor in your life.
    •    Give yourself permission to back off, ground down, and take the time you need.

An example: You’re late to a meeting. You hit a long light. This is where practice begins! Accept your frustration, breathe deeply (calming the fight-or-flight feelings), notice and be grateful for the long light (God’s keeping you here for a reason), and give yourself permission to take the time you need.

Because in the end, all of this crazy running around and juggling this or that keeps our minds off of what really matters: This breath, this life, this moment.