Tired? Blame Mother Nature

Spring is killing my mojo.

The green dust drifting around must be some kind of maple tree melatonin, because there is no doubt: Pollen allergies are zapping my zip.

I’m not alone in this. Studies show that fatigue is caused when your body fights the inflammation that stagnant allergens cause.

So how do you fight it? Well, exercise is one proven way to filter these allergens through the kidneys and skin, helping to weaken the effect.

Your exercise of choice doesn’t have to be intense, but working out inside keeps mold and pollen out of your sinuses.

And if you’re already tired, starting out on your back like we do at Modus may feel like a good transition to more strenuous activity.

A few other natural remedies to try, according to WebMD, include:
• Butterbur supplements
• Saline nasal sprays
• And quercetin … a flavonoid compound especially abundant in red wine (!)

Since the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology emphasizes that too much physical activity could exacerbate symptoms rather than help, I have the following plan in mind the next time spring fever strikes:

• Lay on the floor
• Punch out a few seat zingers
• Pour myself a healthy dose of quercetin

It’s a plan that only Mother Nature – and my allergist – could approve of.