(Un)Steady as She Goes

When something is out of whack – be it a relationship, your bank account, or health – sometimes the canary in the coalmine is your physical balance.

That’s right. When pieces of your world go upside-down, your body, following the mind, can’t help but respond with trips, stumbles, and wobbles.

Working consciously on balance – as we do in Modus – is an empowering way to invite equilibrium back into our lives, if only for a moment in a studio.

I think writer Roger Cole puts it beautifully:
“The sustained effort to center and recenter, when successful, brings not only our flesh and bones into balance but also our nerve impulses, thoughts, emotions, and very consciousness. Hence, we feel calm. Equilibrium brings equanimity.”

We believe in balance work at Modus because the benefits to mind and body are so
• Neuromuscular (brain/muscle) coordination is initiated and deepened.
• Individual, specific muscles are engaged, especially the deep core line and the
multifidae (spinal) muscles.
• Increased calorie burn: During balance training your body has to work that much
harder to stabilize, torching relatively more calories.

So instead of thinking, “What the hell?” when you suddenly start tripping and tipping like a drunk grandma, welcome these unsteady moments as a sign that something in your life could be a little off.

Then you’ll know ... it’s time to realign, if only for a moment.