When in Rome

Whether bitter or sweet, Cherry Festival is bound to leave some sort of taste in your mouth.

On the one hand, there is [insert your personal inconvenience here.]

On the other – if your glass is half full, that is – there’s cherries.

Maybe it’s just because we all live here, but it’s time we woke up to what the world already knows: Cherries, especially in tart juice form, are mini-antioxidant bombs.

Drinking only a half-cup of tart cherry juice a day is an incredibly efficient way to get your daily ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) dose.

Antioxidant strength measures how many oxygen radicals (or cell killers) a certain food can eliminate. Tart cherry juice outmeasures both Concord grape and pomegranate juice – both powerhouses in their own right – by 600 units.

Myriad studies on tart cherry juice benefits show it:
Fights cancer and disease by preventing/repairing free radical damage done to cells.
Contains queritrin – a flavonoid – and ellagic acid, both of which are two of the most potent anticancer agents.
Helps relieve arthritis/gout pain through two powerful compounds, anthocyanins and bioflavonoids.
Eliminates oxidative stress and prevents premature aging through its isoqueritrin and queritrin flavonoids.
Helps reduce muscle inflammation, including that which causes migraines.
Improves sleep quality through melatonin, which is also rich in cherries.

Although old habits can be tough to break, try cracking open a different sort of red today and give your hardworking cells some lovin’. (God knows they need it after a week of forced family fun and Gibby fries.)