The Hunger Games

Ever walk out of a workout feeling like you’ve got nothing left in the tank?

It’s a horrible feeling, especially if you’ve had your breakfast/power snack/whatever within your normal time frame.

Why do some workouts drain us ... but others feel so empowering?

It turns out that interval training – like we do at Modus – directly affects three very important biochemical elements in our bodies: the hormone ghrelin (a known appetite stimulant) and blood lactate/blood sugar.

Studies show interval training significantly decreases levels of ghrelin and increases blood  lactate and sugar. In tandem, these processes work to make us feel pumped – not pooped –
walking out the door.

What’s more, the appetite-suppressing effects of interval training linger into the next day, sort of a two-fer for all of that hard work you did with us.

So next time you find yourself crawling out of the gym in search of a Big Mac and fries, know that science is on your side this time.

But you might want to think hard about how you spend those precious workout minutes, because the true bang for your workout buck lies on the corner of 6th