The Sweet Spot

When it comes to breaking a sweat, I’m down with just about anything.

But what I’ve come to learn is that big, exaggerated movements with heavy weights are really just athletic smoke and mirrors.

Case in point: Modus45’s classic range of motion is an inch, whether we’re at the barre, on the floor, or lifting light weights.

Some people hear this and wonder why they should even bother. (“Sounds lame,” said one articulate teen.)

You and I know otherwise, though, because those incremental moves pack a serious fitness punch.

Regular practice – three to five times a week – using this tiny range of motion increases muscle density, decreases body fat, improves flexibility and posture and revs up your metabolism.

Modus’ custom blend of strength training using body weight or light hand weights, interval cardio, and lots of stretching is incredibly efficient.

Take our seat zinger series, done on our backs and lifting our seats. There is about a one-inch range of motion I like to call the “sweet spot” that isolates and challenges everything from the glutes to the hamstrings.

In our classes, we’ll spend a few moments at a time pulsing in the sweet spot until muscles burn and then shake.

Now does that sound lame? Hardly. Especially when you consider that our approach builds longer, leaner muscles, with shorter recovery time.

So next time you want to go big at the gym, swinging some weights around, consider this: Consistently hitting the sweet spot using your own body weight is far more effective, efficient, and dare I say fun.

Now that’s some sweet news that even surly teens can use.  

- Megan