First Day Jitters

I’m pretty sure everybody remembers their first time ... I know I do.

Taking my first fitness class – way back when – was a revelation on many levels, but 90 percent of the battle was just walking in the door.

Was I wearing the right thing? Why does everyone seem to know each other? Where should
I stand? Why am I here?

My self-consciousness knew no bounds.

Fortunately, your first time at Modus will ease you right into things. Our small class sizes mean every student is greeted warmly, introduced around, and shown where the equipment is.

Suffering from a recent injury or stressed for lack of time? You will be in good company, because you are joining a committed family of recovering athletes, time-crunched moms, and overworked professionals.

Our method is appropriate for everyone from the couch potato to the gym rat. We use clear language, easy-to-follow cues, and frequent assists to help everyone achieve correct positioning.

So if the thought of walking in a new space for the first time puts you in a bad place mentally, know that at Modus, you will physically be in the best place possible for a brand new beginning.

Just push the door open and you’ll be well on your way.

– Megan

First time at Modus? Here are a few tips:
o   Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for running or yoga.
o   Wear clean, supportive athletic shoes.
o   Bring and drink at least 8oz. of water.
o   Modus45 provides hand towels, light weights, straps for the cool-down stretching, and              pads for floor work.
o  Any questions or comments? We would love to hear them and help!