In a Slump

If there were ever a magic pill for looking 10 lbs. thinner, posture is it.

Beautiful posture is part psychology and part kinesiology. Though there’s not enough space
here to address how self-esteem can affect your stance, I would like to touch on a muscle
that, when strong, can pull you out of a slump.

The serratus anterior muscles, which attach on the front ribs and wrap back around your
side, are often referred to as “wings.” They help us move our arms multi-dimensionally and
with great speed.

When weak, serratus anterior muscles contribute to poor posture, which takes a tremendous
toll on your spine, shoulders, hips, and knees. In turn, joint pain radiates throughout the body, reducing flexibility, and compromising muscles.

“Okay, Megan,” you say. “We get it. So how do we build strength in the serratus?”

Glad you asked.

At Modus, we focus on the serratus in several ways:
o   Seat zingers (the serratus acts a stabilizer)
o   Plank, with knees up or down
o   Pushups on the knees or with full leg extension
o   Arm series with weights, especially the fly

A strong serratus anterior helps put our shoulders back where they belong, which in turn stacks the spine correctly, helping the hip, knee, and ankle joints along the way.

Just by showing up to Modus twice a week or more, you’re making subtle muscular changes that are aligning you inside and out.

By walking tall again, your body will radiate confidence ... a message your mind can’t help but eventually notice and embrace.

- Megan