“What Shocked You the Most?” 90-Day Challengers Weigh In

We asked what shocked our 90-day challengers the most about their experience and what they said amazed us! Faster running times, a fixed bum knee, lower blood pressure … and even a waist that shrunk 5 whole inches.

Every day, I keep hearing incredible success stories about our 90-day challenge.
While inches lost are great, the challenge was more about building inner strength. Setting out to do something hard … then making it happen.

But, hey! I won’t lie: Lost inches don’t hurt either.

Of our 50-plus challengers, we had 29 who opted to take before and after measurements. Together, they lost 102 total inches!

Want to know more? Read on for a few of their stories.

– Megan


I was most shocked to learn that I lost five inches in my waist after the challenge. My waist has always been my ‘challenge’ area so to see that was impressive.

I can also now get through all my jumping jacks without – well – peeing my pants! A little TMI but ever since having kids I have had a problem with workout incontinence while running, jumping, or bouncing.

It may sound kind of silly and gross but I have encountered many moms with the same issue. I have really strengthened my pelvic floor along with the rest of my body during the challenge.

I can almost get through a whole Modus workout now without coming out for a quick break during the exercises. I feel so much stronger and I am proud of myself for making it through the 90 days.


The biggest shock for me occurred halfway through the challenge when I had my annual physical exam with my internist. 

My blood pressure was 100/70 any my pulse rate was 58. I have never had recordings that low and could only attribute it to the Modus routine.

Physical changes included better posture, better fitting clothes, and more energy.

I have always been active and involved with some kind of exercise, but have never had such significant results in such a short time.

I would recommend Megan’s Modus45 to anyone!  


What shocked me the most about the challenge?

That near the end of the challenge I could:
- Stay in some barre activities without shaking profusely
- Stop feeling like I was in childbirth labor during class
- Run a 5K without training and it was EASY
- Enjoy going to a class to do 50 pushups

Some physical changes I noticed:
- Way better posture
- Some curves and muscles on my body that I haven't seen in a long time
- Ability to run up and down the stairs with loads of laundry
- I could move a heavy leather chair above my shoulders and over the back of our car (it was a surprise Christmas present that I had to move real quick!)


I think the thing that shocked me most about the challenge was how easy it became to commit to three and sometimes four classes a week. I never dreaded going to class, and maybe actually looked forward to it.

I never felt that the classes became “stale” as they were always challenging in different ways.

It is empowering to be able to stay in a series … especially after those initial classes where it felt like I would never be able to complete the quad series, or the abs (although that damn supine ab series still makes me crazy - thankful it’s at the beginning!)

And, of course, Megan was right - committing to three days a week makes the difference!


The most shocking thing for me was that I actually completed the 90-day challenge! Early on I thought I might end up blowing it off, but somewhere in the middle, I got inspired to really ‘do this thing!’

It felt good to put in the effort to see it through well … embrace the challenge and refuse to fail.

I’m feeling stronger in my legs … no longer wearing a support on my right knee for exercise!