How She Does It

Workout, diet, gear, and tips from ER Doctor Jill Burden, D.O
Each day, Jill Burden hits the ground running. The busy ER doc and mom of two pre-schoolers is a competitive runner who mixes it up with weekly bouts of yoga, HIIT, and Modus. Here she shares what it takes to stay fit, connect with friends, and keep the home wellness fires burning.

The Workout
My workout regimen consists mainly of running, typically four to six days per week, with planks and push-ups on running days.

If I'm training for a big race I'll do longer runs and speed work, otherwise I'm just out to enjoy the miles and the scenery.  

My rest days from running are supplemented by a class, usually once per week. Right now I'm on a big Modus kick in terms of my class participation; last year I was on a big hot yoga kick at Yen; and I've just recently discovered Lux body, an efficient 30 minute HIIT workout, key for the working mama!

I don't really do anything to avoid injury. I should definitely stretch more often! But I think being an athlete my entire life, I've learned to start running slowly and pick up my pace as I go so as not to push it.  

Listen to your body if you have an ache and perhaps take a rest day, as hard as that may be to do for some.

The Gear
Gear-wise being a runner is pretty simple. Of course there is a need for quality running shoes; right now I rotate between my Nike FlyKnit 4.0s and my Brooks pure flow shoes. And my Garmin is my tried and trusted running companion - I don't leave home without it.  

For outdoor running layering is key. I have a base layer from Lululemon that I run in year round: the Run Swiftly Tech long sleeve.  

In the winter I hit the streets with the Yak Trax, too greasy without them! I did just by a yoga strap to stretch more at home; its still in the packaging!   

I like anything made by Oiselle, mostly because its pretty to look at and that honestly can impact your motivation to get out of bed at 5:30am for a 6am class.  

And I like crazy patterned leggings for my classes.  

The Crew
I work out with a handle of women, mostly running buddies. Diana Ellis is my go-to running buddy for the early morning 6am hour runs. We do the same loop when we hit the pavement; we are on auto-pilot that early in the morning!  

Lately I've been running more with Erica Parkinson and Jami Grant, and I always want to run more with my friend Amanda Smith but coordinating parenting and work schedules gets tough.  

My go to Modus buddies are Erica and Jen Schaffler! I'm also on the Traverse City Track Club’s racing team. They offer great group workouts Wednesday nights but these are tough for me to make with my work schedule and kid activities and family dinner time obligations!   

My friend Caroline Oosterhouse leads an awesome boot camp that I audit from time to time; she always leaves my arms burning!!

The Dish
Nutrition-wise we like to keep it simple. Food is fuel, but it should taste delicious too! My family eats as cleanly as possible. Lots of fruits and veggies; we minimize meat. (At least I try to do that as I prefer to eat fish or vegetarian; my husband would argue otherwise!)

I strive for a large variety of color on the plate. Less is more when it comes to labels, amount of ingredients, etc.

We make green juice almost daily and my kiddos help, which adds to their enjoyment of the end product.  

I've been making almond milk for a few years, but I've taken a break for a few weeks and have been enjoying a flax milk I discovered at Oryana.   

The Advice
Step out of your comfort zone. Try a new race or class. 

I was so nervous trying Modus the first time and I LOVE it; I can't imagine a week without it.  

Same thing for the first time doing hot yoga: My sister-in-law Jenika took me to Bikram and I was addicted from the first pose.   

Mix it up and run with a friend if you like running alone, or try trail running. There are some really great trails behind Building 50 with killer hills.  

Hop on a paddle board or snowshoe for the first time. The more you get out there and do it, the more you can't imagine not being active.   

The physical rewards are a given, but the mental clarity you feel as you begin to move is priceless. I literally think better on the days I'm active (and have had coffee!)