Modus Power Move: Seated Attitude

Johanna Schmidt explains how to get your butt in gear

Weak glutes are a pain in the you-know-what.

And if you sit/walk/run, you’ve probably got weak gluteal muscles, which usually go hand-in-hand with tight hip flexors, low back pain, and poor posture.

Johanna Schmidt, DPT knows from weak glutes. She’s been on staff at Munson Community Health Center as a PT since 2006.

Her power move of choice? The pretzel.

“Our hip flexors are tight because they’re shortened by weak glutes,” said Schmidt, who races mountain and road bikes. “It’s a totally vicious cycle.”

Here are her tips to get your buns high and tight using the pretzel (shown):
- Make sure the back knee is behind your hips.
- If you can’t lift the back knee off the floor, just squeeze. As you build strength, the knee will lift.
- Keeping the back knee behind your hips will also stretch out your hip flexors, helping keep your pelvis in alignment.