What’s Your Workout?

Nine years ago, Amie Elve took a big leap of faith.
After quitting her job in pharmaceutical sales to become a yoga teacher, the Hudsonville native then got certified in massage therapy. A painful (but amicable) divorce set her on her journey of self-discovery and healing.
Working out soothed her bruised and battered soul.
“I have always been geared towards being active,” said the “mom” of two beloved dogs, “but working out makes me happy. It’s a de-stressor.”

What is your workout regimen?
I definitely thrive on variety. Twice a week I take a Modus class. I also do the HIIT (high intensity interval training) through the Bob Harper home workout DVDs. I have a major crush on him! I practice yoga daily, working on my own vinyasa flow.
What do you do to avoid injury?
I am working through a knee injury and am now able to run two miles without pain. Yoga is huge for me; especially the yin (deep, long holds) variety.
A big breakthrough was learning to take a day off and rest. Water is also huge for me because it hydrates your body and muscles. It makes such a difference with energy levels and recovery. You feel better overall.

What gear do you use?
 My foam roller is my friend (most of the time). My yoga mat is Manduka; it’s my favorite yoga mat because it’s durable, lasts forever and it’s non-slip surface. I love those little medicine balls for core work at Modus. I wear a lot of Athleta gear and some Lululemon because of the longer fit so I can move comfortably.  

What's your typical diet?
I went gluten-free two years ago because I had major seasonal allergies. I decided to try it and now I don’t have allergies anymore. I try to stay away from carbs and eat more paleo (meat and plant-based). It works for me. I was a vegetarian for 10 years but I was turning to processed foods and wasn’t recovering from my workouts very well. So paleo with lots of water is what works for me.