Erase the Self Hate (in One Easy Step)

It’s time to shake the hate up … and we’ve got just the person to do it.
Tiffany Stone, BSN, CPT, CN is an integrative health specialist. She has constructed her solutions-based treatment program around physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
“We start dialing through,” said Stone, whose Traverse City practice is located in Building 50. “What do you want; where are you going; what do we need to do to get to the next level.”
The first step? Checking the mean voice in your head.
“First, we establish that there’s nothing wrong with you; your self-belief systems are giving you false information,” Stone said. “We then uncover the things you are doing that work against your body being healthy.”
Stopping the ugly self-talk begins with an impassive observation of triggers – bathing suit shopping, marital difficulties, money problems.
Stepping back and facing the voice inside your head is “life-altering,” said Stone.
“The understanding that you are in control, that you have a choice, is life enhancing; it’s the whole picture,” she said. “You begin to understand that diving into negative reactions and thoughts won’t get you anywhere and will rob you of this moment.”
Things that might be weighing you down, like food guilt, how your mother treats you, or a health scare recede when you begin to observe them … then let them go with love.
“It opens up the expansive opportunities we don’t get to have because we block them with things that we give emotional weight to,” she said. “When we step back, we recognize wow, I don’t want to miss any more of life, not one more moment.”

When negative thoughts creep into your head, try this four-step process to peace:
    •    Acknowledge what has come to your mind
    •    Accept whatever it is you are thinking in a non-judgmental way
    •    Forgive the perceived trigger (person, object, opinion)
    •    Let go. Visualize releasing the thought, as if it were a balloon.