What’s Your Workout?

Kara Madion is a busy woman who, in addition to juggling the needs of her four children, prioritizes a healthy lifestyle for her family by growing her own organic produce. In addition to her many volunteer activities, she recently began teaching at Modus.

What’s your weekly workout?
I usually try to do Modus two or three days, cycling two to three days a week, and then running in between.

How have you avoided injury?
I’ve added strength training to my cardio and I know my limits, especially when to push and when to stop.

What three things are key to your wellness?   
    •    Making the commitment: having a regular schedule
    •    Prioritizing: if it isn't at the top of the list it doesn't happen.
    •    Support:  having supportive friends and family who encourage me.

Where do you work out?
Generally at Modus and at Lauri Brockmiller’s cycling studio, Brockmiller Elite Endurance.
I like Modus, because it’s a great complement to biking and cycling. It’s helped me strengthen my core while increasing my flexibility in my tight hip flexors and hamstrings.  
Lauri’s studio is great too because it’s the most intense cardio workout I've ever done. It’s also customized to me. She pushes me to the edge of my fitness level, but not over, allowing me to train to my maximum capacity.  

What types of food do you lean on for wellness?
In general: lots of veggies and fruits, eggs and lean proteins and whole grains. We use a local CSA and an indoor Tower Garden to get year-round fresh organic produce. I try to make most of our family meals at home and limit processed foods, dairy and gluten.
I make a lot of smoothies, oatmeal, or egg and avocado for breakfast (and of course, coffee); salads or soups for lunch and lean protein, veggie and grain for dinner.
Plus, a little chocolate to end my day.

What the secret to your success?
I believe in balance in both my workout routine and diet. It's important to make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and make it about the way you live, verses something you are trying to squeeze in to attain a goal.  
However, you need to cut yourself some slack and be allowed to bend the rules or you won't be able to maintain it for the long haul.