Kara Madion

Kara is a former accountant, now mother of four, who enjoys running, spinning, paddling and chasing after her kids (and dog). In her “spare” time she loves to cook and depends on a local CSA share and her home garden for year-round organic produce. She wasn’t active in many sports as a child, but once she started working out in college to relieve stress, she began a lifelong journey to health with regular exercise and healthy eating.  

Three Things You Might Not Know
- I didn’t wear tennis shoes until I started running in college.
- Next to working out and cooking/eating, spreadsheets are my second favorite hobby
- I love cookbooks, but I can’t follow a recipe to save my life, I just love looking at the photos and getting inspiration and ideas.  

Why I Teach
In my twenties I relied primarily on cardio for my workouts. As I aged I found that I began having pain in my hip, knees and low back and tight, sore muscles. I needed to find a strength workout that not only complemented but also allowed me to continue my cardio. I believe that Modus is a life-long, sustainable workout that enhances running and other activities. It focuses on safely strengthening our critical body areas as we age. I wanted to be a part of a team that is inspiring other people to get and stay healthy for an active life.