Macaire Dutmers

I am coming up on my one-year birthday! I was “reborn” due to a stem cell transplant one year ago and am slowly becoming whole again. I am surrounded by the most supportive family and friends anyone could ask for. I have three extremely independent children and a wonderfully supportive husband.

Three Things You Might Not Know
- I am a new dog owner for the first time in my life!
- I love sitting in a rocking chair, especially outside on my porch in the early morning listening to the birds.
-The new Mega M&M's need to be pried from my hands ... it’s true, just ask Megan.

Why I Teach
I love the atmosphere Megan has created with Modus. The instructors are inviting and kind and so are all of the clients. When I walk into the Modus studio I am always amazed by all the smiles and eager faces. I enjoy Modus because I can focus on what I am trying to achieve for myself and not worry about what is going on around me. The instructors are great about guiding me and correcting my form so that I can achieve results for myself. Even though it isa group class, it is a very individualized workout. I wanted to teach so that I could also help others achieve a goal or guide others through a workout. I enjoy watching everyone “check out” for an hour, focus on themselves … and then leave with a smile.