Cycling Champ Shares Her Secret Sauce

If you want to get in racing shape fast, there’s one person competitors in Traverse City call: Lauri Brockmiller.
Owner of Brockmiller Elite Endurance, Lauri pulls no punches when it comes to whipping her clients into shape.
“Most cyclists who come to me want to be faster and have better race results,” said the mother of two and City Bike Shop-sponsored racer. “The training works, the rides are extremely challenging but achievable, and people leave feeling amazed at what they accomplish.”
Brockmiller’s eight-week training blocks sell out quick. She tweaks the workout formats, aiming for maximum efficiency while addressing three core principles:
    •    Individuality: The bikes are set to individual power ranges based on the rider’s current fitness level.
    •    Specificity: The workouts target the energy systems and power demands of actual road cycling and mountain biking.
    •    Overload and recovery: The regimen follows a three-week build phase followed by a one-week recovery phase.
Each client’s fitness is tested every eight to twelve weeks to measure progress and update training zones, in accordance with an overall plan that can turn good riders into great competitors, she said.
“You can be a good sport rider with no plan just by riding hard,” she said. “But if you want to be competitive at the expert and pro levels, you have to have a plan.”
As for her secret sauce? It boils down to five basic elements:
    •    Have an accurate measure of intensity
    •    Know how long and how hard to work
    •    Know how long and how often to rest
    •    Know how to fuel your body for life and for training
    •    Keep a record of your training so you can learn what works and what doesn’t.
“Every single one of these elements is crucial to a successful plan,” she said. “Every single one is crucial for making noticeable gains.”
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