It Takes Two

It’s amazing what a friend can help you do.
For more than a year, Emmy Holman and Joyce Bahle have trekked in from Suttons Bay to honor a fitness commitment.
Osteopenia and creeping weight gain prompted the two to take a hard look at food and exercise choices.
“I really wanted to get myself in shape and she did too,” said Bahle, who has dropped 25-plus pounds. “That’s how it all started.”
Both of the women share many interests: a love of movies, good reads, politics, world events and family.  
Working out is the lynchpin, however.
“Modus was a real eye-opener,” said Holman, a physical therapist. “We both recognized it had the components of exercise that I think are really good. Consistent stretching, working every body part and a lot of end range work.”
All of that is well and good, until a snowy morning hits and the 30-minute drive seems like a pain.
So what then?
“We’re definitely motivated by the friendship,” said Bahle. “The joint commitment is like having another conscience.”
The results over time have been another carrot on the stick.
“We’ve both noticed what a difference it’s made in our shape,” said Holman. “For the first time in years, friends have noticed and asked what I’ve been doing.
“That’s been nice.”
Next up for the ladies is enlarging their group. One friend, Sue Ann Round, has joined. They also have become “addicted” to playing pickleball on a weekly basis.
Their fitness journey only just begun, said Bahle.
“Integrated health and strength, flexibility and balance are critical at this point in our lives,” she said. “Plus a sense of place is really important.
“I love Modus; it feels like home there.”