What’s Your Workout?

Kelley Peterson loves to run and ski (almost as much as she loves chocolate.) She’s competed in 14 VASA races, placing top three in three of them.
“I don't think of exercise as a chore,” said Peterson, a stay at home mother of two boys. “I love to cook and eat – a lot – that's why I have continued to run and ski all these years.”

The Workout
I do some form of cardio everyday, about 45-75 minutes of running, walking or elliptical trainer or one to two hours cross country skiing in the winter.  I don't officially plan days off because they seem to happen on their own: pouring rain, sick kid, etc. Along with cardio I do five days of strength training, which right now consists of Modus and a reformer class.

Preventing Injury
I listen to my body. I start slow in my runs to let my joints loosen up. If something hurts I slow down. If it really hurts I might have a walking day. I would much rather take it easy for a day or two than be sidelined for a week or more because of any injury. That being said, if I feel good I take advantage. I’ll run faster, longer, harder, or run up one more hill, pushing myself a little bit more.

Three Things That Work for Me
I don't know that there are three things. I would say the main thing I do is make exercise a priority; I schedule something every day and everything else gets scheduled around that. I love to run and ski and I know Modus has helped me improve and continue to do both of these with less aches and pains.

The Diet
I eat pretty healthy but I have a sweet tooth so there is always room for improvement. I belong to a CSA but also go to the farmers market weekly in season. I love the nine months that I never have to go to Meijer!  

What’s Key
I think the key to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle is finding that thing or things you love to do and then make a habit of doing it. What I've learned is since I have been running or doing some form of activity regularly for so long, I get very grumpy if I go more than four days without really breaking a sweat!