What’s Your Workout?

Jim and Linda Munro are out to prove one thing only: that age is just a number.
Both enjoy working out not only for the fun it brings to their lives, but also the food: Jim’s an outstanding cook who loves to try new recipes out on his willing partner in crime.
Here’s how the couple and co-owners of the Korner Kottage B&B in Suttons Bay keep themselves in fighting shape.

What’s your workout?
Linda: My first workouts really began when I was raising my sons. I practiced/played right along with them in all the sports they were involved with. Nothing serious; all just for fun.
It has only become a real focus and priority in the last 10 years. I worked out in a gym, used all the machines, lifted weights, ran on the treadmill, and added Pilates and yoga classes. 
However, two years ago my sister-in-law introduced me to Pure Barre in Florida and I became addicted to that style of workout. Cue Modus45: I have been addicted for over a year. It has become my number one priority: to find time to do this workout for myself two to three times a week.
Jim: I began running late in life at age 33. It did not take long to become a running junkie.
I have done many 10K and 5K races, several triathlons, two marathons and a half-Ironman. After 25 years of running the knees began to fail, so I turned to cycling.
I supplement my cycle training with Modus45, which has increased both my flexibility and leg strength.

Do you work out together?
Linda/Jim: We work out together, but also do our own workouts at times. We ride bikes together, roller blade, cross-country ski, and walk, walk, walk. We encourage each other but we are both pretty competitive so we do push each other in this way. It keeps it all fun.

What is your inspiration to get moving every day?
Linda: I enjoy the way I feel after I work out; it’s a sense of accomplishment that I am doing something good for myself. I want to be a good example to my kids and grandkids and prove that age is just a number. Age should in no way limit your ability to do what you love to do. Modus is something I LOVE to do. It is the best overall workout I have ever done in a one-hour package and I get such good results. I am stronger and in better shape than ever.
Jim: When I became active, the activity and the results became self-motivating. That continues today. I always say that the hard part is lacing them up and getting out the door, but the best part of the workout is the end. Always!

Why are you committed to fitness?
Linda: I am committed to fitness because it enriches my life and just makes me feel good. It has sneakily become a priority in my life and I am self-motivated to keep doing it for me. Plus, my husband is an excellent cook and I do enjoy eating, so working out helps balance out the eating thing.
Jim: Fitness activities make me feel better. I will continue working out because there is always a new goal out there to achieve. I want to keep the bar high and meet the next goal.

What have you learned through your fitness journey; what would you like to share with friends who don’t work out?  
Linda: Just take that first step and do “something” you love and stay committed. Enjoy the journey along the way.
Jim: Something to keep in mind is that overall fitness is a continuous journey. Try something new, and set a goal you plan to achieve.