New Classes: Modus Max and Modus Min (level 1).

If I’m not a runner, could I walk or jog during the Modus Max class?
Absolutely!  We developed this class mainly so we can get outside for 20 minutes and continue to burn calories!   If you’re a walker just walk.  If there’s a point during the run where you can kick-it in every so often, who knows…maybe you’ll eventually like to run.  

If I want to run longer than 20 minutes, can I?
Of course!  Just don’t turn back to the studio.  Keep on going!

Will Modus Min Be too easy?
Modus Min is still challenging and creates a burn, however you get more mini breaks during the work-out. It’s a great preparation for the original Modus45 class.  It’s also a good option if you want to take it a little easier on that day.  

Are the new classes set at those times moving forward?
Not necessarily and we want your feedback.  They’re set for June but will change in both July and August.