Hate to Run? Try Modus Max

No one would ever describe her as a hater, but Joni Griner definitely had strong feelings when it came to running.
“Not my favorite activity at all,” said the dermatologist and active mother of two.
Friend encouraged her to give running another shot, in spite of a five-year hiatus and ongoing struggles with foot and ankle pain.
On a whim, she decided to try Modus Max. The class is a concentrated hybrid of Modus and a professionally designed running program, each of which last 20 minutes.
The upshot? It turns out Joni was born to run, after all.
“I have not been able to comfortably run for any length of time in years,” she said. “I can tell that Modus Max is getting me to a point of being able to run again without pain.”
The runs begin slowly with a shuffle-like pace for five minutes. The next 10 minutes are spent in various tempos, specific to your own ability. The last five minutes are spent in cool down mode.
“The run is perfect; it gets your heart rate up, but it’s over before you know it,” Joni said.
Now that she’s been going three times a week, Joni said she’s feeling stronger and happy to be back on track.
“I've been trying to find a way back to running, and wanted to mix up Modus a bit,” she said. “I've never been bored by Modus, but it's nice to do something different and really great to enjoy the outdoors!”