What’s Your Workout?

What’s Your Workout?
Ryan Stults is a committed man: foremost to his wife and daughters, but also to his fitness.
A long-time runner, Ryan began coming to Modus classes several months ago to increase his flexibility, stabilize a weak lower back, and “to justify eating whatever I’d like,” he said.

Here’s what Ryan has to say about his workout.

What's your typical workout? Do you mix it up?
It’s either running or Modus; I try to work out more days than not. My wife Katie and I believe it’s important to show our girls that working out is an important part of our daily routine.
By adding in Modus, I knew it would affect my body in a positive way, especially where flexibility was concerned. Since I began I can tell a difference when I’m running, specifically longer runs with elevation changes.

Have you incorporated anything new in recent years/weeks? What and why?
I changed my running workouts once I joined the Modus running team. I follow the running coach’s training workouts. The primary reason was, I wanted to get faster and break up the routine I was in.
What are three things you do that you believe help you stay in shape?
For sure consistency is the biggest thing; I work out more days a week than not. Signing up for races gives me goals to work toward, so I’m definitely a proponent of that. In terms of what I eat, I have the majority of my meals at home. There’s something to not going out all of the time, I think.

What’s your typical diet?
I don't restrict myself to a diet. I try not to beat myself up to much with the food decisions I make but at the same time I'm fortunate enough to have homemade meals most nights with plenty of fruits and vegetables and very few processed foods as part of my meals.
Any advice, or what have you learned?  
There is always someone in better shape or faster; you just have to be happy with your own efforts and progress.