Effortlessly Slim

By Krystel Weisner

After photographing 200 kitchens, Cornell University researchers were able to predict the weight of the woman living in the house by what was on her countertop.  They found that in homes with cereal boxes or soft drinks sitting on the counter, the woman in the house was likely to be 20 or more pounds heavier than the other study participants.  The women from clutter free kitchens, sporting only a fruit bowl on the counter, weighed 13 pounds less than the average participant.  Besides storing processed food out of sight and keeping fresh fruit in sight, the researchers observed these common habits in people who remain effortlessly slim:  (see more)  Click to the next stuff…

1  They keep healthy foods at the front of their refrigerators and cabinets and less healthy foods in the back, or in opaque containers.

2  They put more emphasis on the quality, rather than the quantity of food they eat.

3  They eat slowly.

4  They use 9” plates for meals instead of 12” dinner plates.

5  They serve the main dish pre-plated from the stove or counter rather than putting it on the table.

6  They chew mint gum while grocery shopping.

7  They enjoy their food and don’t feel guilty if they overeat.

8  They cook at home rather than eat out.

9  When they do dine out they sit at well-lit tables instead of dark booths.  The Cornell researchers have a saying, “If you want to be skinny, do what skinny people do.”