David’s Nutrition Program:

My nutrition program is built around your body type, and personal goals. Clients will be focusing on the three most important energy sources needed to function properly. Protein, carbohydrates, and fats, also known as macronutrients, will be recorded daily through a mobile app. During these six weeks, you will learn which foods provide the best nutrient value, how to identify correct portion sizes, as well as acknowledging your body’s needs. This program creates a lifestyle of sustainable eating that is vital to long-term success, without excessive restrictions.

With the purchase of a nutrition plan you can expect the following:

  • Weekly check-ins through email. 
  • Nutrition guidelines based off your body statistics.
  • Cardio adjustments based off of your check-in.
  • Updates and adjustments to macros as needed.

My personal phone number and email will be included for any questions that may arise during the program. I guarantee a response back to you within twelve hours. 

*NOTE- You will need a food scale along with a bodyweight scale to track morning weigh-ins.