Modus Fitness Therapy Starts with a Four Step Progressive Methodology. We want to insure your safety but also make sure you understand why our method will help you. Our Progressive Methodology will take you through Four Milestones within your timeframe: 

I. Weakness 

You’re with us because you are experiencing pelvic floor issues. Through this first milestone, we want to make sure you’re in a safe position and you understand the why behind the what. We believe information is power so we want you to understand why you may be experiencing incontinence. In these first 4 videos, Dr. Johanna Schmidt will take you through a session as if you’re visiting her at her clinic. You’ll move slowly while being educated about every move she’s demonstrating. 

II. Strength 

After you have spent time with the pain free videos, you’ll move onto an entry level video choreographed with music. Megan Madion will provide both visual and verbal queues to insure you’re in the proper position. There’s more movements in these four videos than the tutorials and they will move more quickly. 

III. Fitness  

Once you feel stronger with less pain, we encourage you to make these videos a part of your everyday life. We want you to move daily so you can enjoy your everyday favorite activities. Ideally you’re pain free and have been building a baseline strength. Now it’s time to start working on your fitness! 

IV. Athletic Performance  

Depending on your goals, Modus Fitness Therapy enhances athletic performance. Whether it be a PR in a running race or better balance for a family ski vacation. These more intense videos will help you meet your goals. 

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